Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Layering Hosiery: 1 Pair Thick Vs 3 Pairs Thin

Somebody did a web search to find out more about 1 Pair Thick Vs 3 Pairs Thin. I assume that the person is looking for the benefits of wearing 1 thick pair of hosiery, compared to 3 thin layered pairs. Read the remainder of my blog entry for more information.

1 thing that I like about 1 thick pair is that it really fits better than several layered pairs. A lot of people talk about hosiery feeling like a second skin. It is hard to get that feeling, unless the hosiery moves with your legs, and does not slide down. Layered hosiery can become uncomfortable because it is hard to put it on evenly. I will comment more about it at the end of the next paragraph.

1 thing that I like about 3 thin pairs is that they are a good way of reusing old pairs. Obviously, you do not have to just wear thin pairs. A major drawback is that you get a weird look. The light shines through, the pairs, and because the knitting lines do not line up, they create what I call distortion lines. I find that this does not look very classy. If you do layer your hosiery, then I suggest wearing the sheerest pair under the opaquest layers, to hide the distortion lines. Another drawback is that it is hard to spread the hosiery evenly. When you spread out 1 pair of hosiery on your legs, your skin will probably stay in place enough for you to evenly place your hosiery. With more than 1 pair, the outer pair can easily pull the inner pair(s), which can cause discomfort.


  1. I think the "layered" look works best with stockings/thigh highs (preferably opaque) over pantyhose...especially if they're contrasting colors. It is a very sexy look, as well as not too constricting from top to bottom.

  2. Yes. I was writing about something different. What you mention is quite nice. It definitely has a playful sexiness to it.

  3. I like the "crispery" feeling with pantyhose over stockings, especially the 100% nylon ones. And in the winter, the layerd hosiery is preferable over opaque or 40den hosiery, it is warmer.

  4. Would you be able to describe the "crispery" feeling?