Saturday, February 4, 2012

Bought A Mannequin Today

I am pleased with my new acquisition. I will name it Manny; short for mannequin. The rest of my post tells you all the details.

Manny used to be at Mark's Work Warehouse. A guy was doing contract work, and they were going to throw away all the mannequins. He took them and sold them. I bought the second last 1.

I wanted to buy a mannequin, so that I could photograph the hosiery being worn. I think that these types of photos will give my store more credibility.

Another important benefit is that Manny can try on hosiery, and give me an idea of how much it would stretch. For example, if I wanted to give myself a pair of hosiery from my inventory, then I should get Manny to try it on before me. I can compare both fittings to see how well the hosiery will fit different body sizes. I am really happy about this, because Manny is a slim figure [I think], but she is larger than me in every way, so I can tell taller slim women how well a certain size fits.

Another benefit that is not as important is that she has a butt crevice, so it should be easy to see how well hosiery conforms to various bums.

Her dimensions are as follows.

cupAA [37.5″]

All these benefits for only $40! Thank you for reading!


  1. Eugene, do you know if that guy has anymore of them left? Jessica

    1. Yeah, there is 1 more.