Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fashion: Tip On Mixing Patterned And Unpatterned Hosiery

Lately there has been a big interest in patterned hosiery, also known as fashion hosiery. You can take advantage of this, by wearing them over top of your regular hosiery.

To give yourself a better perspective, I suggest that you think of your unpatterned hosiery as a piece of blank paper or canvas. The patterned hosiery is similar to a template. You can choose any colour canvas to match your outfit, and then put a template on it, to give your overall look a bit of variety.

This way, you still have your legs fully covered in colder temperatures, and you still can have a nice match, if you are wearing coloured hosiery.

If you have done this before, then please share advice, and share photos. Thank you for reading!

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