Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fashion: Hosiery Makes Your Legs Glow

To see a bigger version of the photo, right click it, and then Open or something similar.

As we can see from this photo of Zooey Deschanel, hosiery is not just for warmth, and it is not just for making your legs match another garment. Hosiery also gives your legs a warm glow. I do not think that she is wearing shimmery hosiery. The glow seems to come from a mix of the colour of her skin, the sun, and the hosiery.

To get the look, wear a semi opaque pair of hosiery. Semi opaque hosiery allows some light to get through, but also blocks a bit of light. Sheer hosiery is thin and lets a lot of light through. Fully opaque hosiery is thick, and it prevents any light from getting through.

Do you consider having a warm glow, when you wear hosiery or go bare legged? Do you think that her legs glow nicely because of the hosiery?

Thank you for reading!