Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spoke About Hosiery And My Endeavours At Saturday's Library Event

I was quite nervous, because I had never spoke to people about my book like this before. Fortunately, I was 1 of the last few people to speak. This gave me an opportunity to hear how the other people would speak, and try to make my presentation fit in a similar manner. I must say, though, that all of them were accomplished authors, so it was quite an intimidating situation. Read the remainder of the blog post to see what I shared with them.

Before I got up, I managed to get a bit encouraged by the announcer. She is library staff member, who helped to put the event together. She said something like, Our next speaker will be telling us about blogging, and I'm particularly excited to see what he has to say. She probably saw me early in the day wearing hosiery and shorts, so she probably wanted to see what I had to say regarding the topic.

Up until then, I had been taking notes on issues that I wanted to cover. I mentioned the following.

I explained that I read about trends, and that I wanted to put into practise what I had learned. I thought that it would be great to start a fashion trend of heterosexual men wearing hosiery and shorts, because it was such an unusual trend. I then stood away from the podium and microphone, and showed them my legs. I was wearing a dark grey pair of Silks Desire underneath my favourite black shorts.

I told them about some of the issues we face. We do not want to be perceived as cross dressers.

I shared with them some of my personal experiences, regarding how my family reacted negatively, and how they still do not want to be seen with me wearing them.

I also shared with them my experiences regarding the survey on Commercial Drive on dress code in the work place. About 2/3s said that they would allow us to wear hosiery and shorts for work attire.

I also touched on how I want to blend in by making everybody dress this way, whereas other hosiery wearers want tolerance and acceptance. As an example, I said that some guys have to wear prescription hosiery, and that it would be nice to have them wear shorts and hosiery, and have them blend in, as opposed to tolerated.

I also briefly mentioned that I sell hosiery online, and had worked at the Sears hosiery department.

Afterwards a couple of people spoke with me. A guy asked if I had ever gotten anybody to wear hosiery. I never have for certain, but a guy did say that he would. A gal became inspired by what I did.

Just as we need to get out there and wear, we also need to get out there and let people know. I am beginning to think that we need to spend time speaking to people about it.

What do you think about what I did at the event? What do you think that you would say if you had to spread the word?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I'm much like you, I'm always spreading the word whenever I am asked. Especially amongst my co-workers. Granted, they prolly won't wear, but at least they know that yes...men do wear hosiery.

  2. That's great to read. I guess that sometimes we have to be content with what we can achieve.

    I really wonder what it would take to make it popular. I can't imagine what it would be and how we'd find out what that is before hand. Maybe we would have to tie it to a solution to an emotional need.