Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Have Been Enjoying Footless Hosiery Lately

As my loyal readers know, I have recently become an advocate of footless hosiery. It is not as fun as regular hosiery, but it still feels good. It is also good to know that my rough feet are not destroying a great pair. The rest of my post tells you more.

Most of my footless hosiery was made that way, and is made with nice fabric. 1 pair is more of a Capri style footless hosiery, and is not so nice.

Even though the Capri style is not so nice, I do enjoy it, because it provides a nice change of pace, and makes it easier for me to not get used to the pleasant feel of nicer hosiery. It is also good to know that I can be a little rougher and tougher, if the pair is not so nice.

Just a short while ago, I added, to my footless collection, a pair that was once footed. I cut near the seams of the feet, and added nail polish. Everything worked out fine. I am really glad that I did this, because the feel of the fabric is wonderful, and there is a nice shimmer to them, with the right kind of light. I think that when the hosiery stretches, the spandex is exposed, and then it reflects the light. I am getting so much more enjoyment out of them.

I do not know the science behind the shine and the feel of the fabric, but I do enjoy it and recommend it.

Thank you for reading!

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