Thursday, February 23, 2012

Moisturizing My Legs & Feet

Regular readers should know that my legs are disgustingly dry, and my heels are like Velcro. Yesterday, I decided to put an end to it, temporarily, and start moisturizing. The rest of my post tells you the techniques that I use.

The most important reason for doing it is so that I can try on sample pairs of hosiery without ruining them. That is very important to me. I want to get some good use out of them. My store is becoming a stable, but small, source of income, and I would like to make an effort to really specialize in the products that I offer.

Now that I am wearing footless hosiery, it is easier for me to lift up my hosiery to apply petroleum jelly to my legs. It is also easy to take off my socks and apply some to my heels.

Applying petroleum jelly to my hands is easy, because I wash often, and I only need to apply it after washing hands.

Applying it to my legs is not too difficult. I have a small spray bottle near my petroleum jelly, and I spray my legs with water and rub it in, before rubbing in some petroleum jelly.

Applying it to my heels, and other parts of the bottom of my feet, is more of a challenge. First of all, I want to balance on my feet, instead of sitting down. Second of all, I think that it is challenging to wet feet without getting something else wet and dirty. Third of all, I want to make sure that any loose skin does not fall on the floor and make the place dirtier.

Today, I discovered a wonderful technique.

  1. Turn the bath tub tap on; enough to just wet the area near the drain. You only need a table spoon of water.
  2. Get a bit of petroleum jelly on 1 finger. Through experience, I learned how much my skin can take.
  3. Step in the tub, and take off your socks. Put them on a dry area of the tub, that is out of the way, so that dead skin will not fall on them.
  4. Dip each heel in the water, and rub it in with the same finger on the other hand. Try to ensure that all the dry parts are softened.
  5. Put half of the petroleum jelly on the finger that you just used.
  6. Rub in petroleum jelly from 1 finger to 1 heel. As the water evaporates, it will leave your skin feeling quite soft and dry.
  7. Use your clean thumbs and 6 clean fingers to put on the sock for the moisturized foot.
  8. Repeat the previous 2 steps for the other foot.

At the end, you will not have to worry about sweeping or vacuuming the floor as much. You hosiery will be cleaner, and your skin will look younger and feel happier.

If you have any tips on this topic, then please do share!

Thank you for reading!

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