Friday, February 17, 2012

Just Got A Sale Today

It is not like I need to blog about every single sale that I get, but it is such a great feeling to come back home from mailing an order, and then see another order in my inbox.

While trying to get this order going, I managed to go through most of the process very quickly. I felt that this was a sign of business growth. It felt like a sign that I have developed a routine, which means that it will become more profitable to run this business.

The only problem is that I was not prepared to do any packaging. I searched around the house for any paperboard that I could use to wrap the parcel. I found some old boxes for software, for a cell phone, and for whatever else. These boxes are clutter, so I am happy to make good use of them.

Since I started this business, I have been trying to use paper board, because it is light. I realized today, that I do not have to do it anymore, because most parcels can be shipped with cardboard, without reaching the weight limitations. In other words, it will not become more expensive, just because I am using cardboard.

Since we have too much cardboard around here, I am excited to start getting rid of it. After this shipment, I will save the paperboard for oversized letter mail, because that weight limitation is smaller.

Just in case you are curious, my waistband-free hosiery has been the most popular, and only, selling hosiery.

Thank you for reading!

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