Thursday, February 9, 2012

Used Hosiery: Put On Mannequins

I realized the other day, that if our hosiery develops holes in certain places, then it would be useful for us to put some nail polish around the hole, and then use the hosiery on a mannequin. After all, the hosiery is going to be punctured anyways, if we use new hosiery. Why waste a new pair?

Most of us will never own mannequins, but we could still do this by offering local businesses our worn hosiery with holes. It could be our way of supporting them.

I think that this would be good for us, even if the stores do not sell hosiery, because their customers will see the mannequins, and then be more likely to wear hosiery with the clothing that they buy from the stores, and maybe even the with stuff that they already own.

Would you ever donate your hosiery to local businesses?

Thank you for reading!

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