Friday, February 24, 2012

Fashion: Hosiery Creates A Non-Shimmery Shine Also

There are 2 kinds of hosiery shines.

cheer leaders with shiney legsproduct image of shiney opaque hosiery

1 kind of hosiery shine is when the hosiery is very shimmery, as shown in the photo of the cheerleaders. It is not the best example, but the idea is that the hosiery sparkles all over the leg. This kind of shine can happen with sheer hosiery or opaque hosiery.

Pippa Middleton's shiny legs

Read more about her outfit from this article.

Another kind of hosiery shine is when the hosiery is very even and bright, as shown in the photo of Pippa Middleton. This kind of hosiery shine only really happens with opaque hosiery. It is almost as if the light is being reflected in a pure way. We see that she wears black opaque hosiery that has a nice even shine to it. It seems to be a cloudy day, but she still gets a nice reflection. In fact, her hosiery is more like matte hosiery, but her hosiery is just a bit more shinier. In fact, her hosiery is about as shiny as the rest of the outfit.

In short, 1 kind of shine is a sparkley kind of shine, and the other is a more even reflection.

I believe that the sparkley kind is great for your outfits during exciting occasions, even if you are wearing a little black dress, while the even reflection would be more suited to formal occasions.

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