Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Pantyhose Trend Is Gaining Ground

Sometimes people get a chance to discuss with me why I wear hosiery. I want them to know that 1 of the reasons is that I want to practise creating a trend. It seems that tights are becoming too irresistible for women. Unfortunately for me, I do not get any credit for this, as far as I know.

Keep on pushing on. VICTORY-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y!!!


  1. Yeah! I am seeing this trend myself, and I'm happy this ignored piece of clothing is coming back. We should thank the runway trends for that. And, of course, celebrities for following these fashion trends.

    I love the outfits you create with tights. :)

  2. :^D Thanks for your kind words.

    Just today, I noticed an article mentioning that celebrities are given gift baskets that contain tights. I think that it is amazing that tights are so loved that they can be well received as gifts.

    I looked at your web site. Congratulations on starting your business. If you would ever like to be interviewed for a blog entry then let me know. I think that an interview could give you positive publicity.

    Do you get guys buying from your online store?

    Have you seen guys going around in hosiery and shorts?

  3. Thank you very much, Eugene!
    I love the idea of the interview and start thinking of that.
    To my big surprise, I have more male customers than female (I'd say, the ratio is 80:20). Well, now that I learned about this trend among men, it has become more natural for me, and I even made some friends (guys who wear tights). They know much more about hosiery than women do, and definitely are a great source of information about hosiery.

  4. Oh, forgot to answer your question... No, I haven't seen any men around here wearing hosiery and shorts. One of the reason might be that I wouldn't pay attention even if there was someone wearing pantyhose...