Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Wore Shorts And Hosiery In Alvin And The Chipmunks 3

The main advocacy took place off camera. I wore my green suit, with my green opaques. Read the remainder of the entry for more information.

UPDATE: I removed a bit of text from this paragraph, that mentioned a bit about what happened in the movie. I was told that we can't reveal anything, except the name. I think that it is okay to reveal the clothing we wear, because it is ours, or because it would be generic.] You probably will not see me, and even if you did, you will not recognize me.

2 people approached me to ask if they could photograph me.

The first person was a guy, whom I did not ask many questions about. He asked me why I wore my outfit. I told him, something like, I like the outfit. Also, I read about trends, and I wanted to apply my knowledge. If I could start a fashion trend, then I will be able to bring about societal change, using a trend. It's a much more gentler way of changing things, as opposed to debates and arguments.. He seemed to listen intently, as I explained it. This says to me, that it really resonated well with him. I thought that he was a background performer, like me. In hindsight, I suspect that he was a crew member. When he was about to leave, he said, I need to go find a washroom.. I pointed to the washroom, near us, and said, Oh, it's right there.. He said, Yeah, but I'd like to find 1 that isn't so dirty.. He walked away in a direction that turns out to be where the crew hangs and works. I suspected that he used the crew's washroom, and that is why I believe that he was a crew member.

A gal asked if she could photograph me. I noticed that she did not appear to be in costume, like the rest of us, so I asked her if she was a crew member, and she was. We talked a bit, and I told her the same things that I told the guy. As we talked, I found out that she was a costume lady. I was so excited, because I think that they have a more authoritative opinion on what is fashionable. So, I gladly let her take photos of me. I even gave her my email address, to send me the photos, but she has not. I think that she must have forgotten. If I see her again, then I will ask her for her address, so that I could politely pester her. I think that you might like those photos more than the photos that I have been showing you, even though the outfit is the same. I asked her, Have you seen a guy wear hosiery and shorts before?. She said, Not in public like this.. I said, How would you feel if your man wore hosiery and shorts?. She said, He does, but he doesn't wear them with shorts.. I encouraged her to encourage him to go out in shorts and hosiery. Hopefully she will do that, and hopefully, she will encourage other guys to wear them on camera.

Another guy asked about my outfit. He also listened. It was interesting to see him talk. He wandered off on to a lot of topics.

A girl asked about it, but once I started telling her about my parents' reaction to me wearing hosiery, she seemed to get turned off. I wonder if I said anything to turn her off.

There were 2 people that asked if I was given this outfit by the costume department. I chuckled and said, No, I like dressing like this. This is my own.. It created opportunities for me to explain myself.

1 of the most interesting conversations happened after we left. I passed by a couple, who were also on the way to the buses. 1 of them said something about how great it was that I was wearing this, and the other added his or her opinion. Despite all of the positive acceptance, throughout the day, I was still surprised by this couple's reaction. I ended up having a great conversation with them. I explained how I like to wear this, and the trends. Since the gal seemed so supportive, I asked her, Would you date or marry a guy who wore hosiery and shorts?. She said something like, Uhm, no.. I said something like, Maybe 1 day, though. If it becomes more common, then it might become more appealing to you.. She nodded, and said, Yep.. I think that that is being open to it. The guy asked about what other changes interested me. I mentioned a few controversial topics, like abortion. I cannot remember the others that I mentioned. These people seemed to be very open my view on abortion. I suspect that they had the openness, because I was being bold with the hosiey, and because I was thinking outside of the box. We ended up chatting about the Bible, too.

It was a great day of advocacy. Would you not agree?


  1. Great story! May I ask what exactly you were doing there? I love that outfit with the suit. Great job, Eugene. :)

  2. Hi Alisa. I think that I'm not allowed to say, because of confidentiality. It's probably not a big deal, but I'd better keep quiet, just in case.

    It turns out that I met some people last night, from that day, and we ended up discussing the issue more. I will try to post great details when I get time. I need to sleep.

    Thanks, Alisa.

  3. Oh, intriguing. :) Alright, I look forward to hearing more.

  4. Alisa, I should ask, do you know what background performers typically do? They are typically just anonymous people, who are part of crowd scenes. They might also be pedestrians in the background, or just drivers, etc.

  5. Eugene, I think I got it.
    Hope you are doing well!

  6. I'm okay. I'm a bit discouraged, because I'm nervous about not finding a job, or a job that I can do well. I think that I need to be more positive.

    I hope that you're doing well, also.

  7. I know the feeling of being discouraged. But yes, you need to be positive. Things will get better.