Monday, March 14, 2011

Parents Cloth Children In Hosiery

[Update: I'm disappointed to learn that some people have perverted the original purpose of the original blog entry. At the parents request, I have removed it. I decided to change the title and remove all of the original text.]


  1. Could you please remove this post? I am the author of the blog you linked to. We noticed that peole were searching for our blog for the pictures of our boys wearing tights. It seems to us that people were using the photos of our boys for perverted purposes. It is quite disgusting to us and we have since made the posting private.
    I understand that was not the purpose of your posting the link. But we would prefer that users not be able to find it in any way.
    Thank you for helping us protect our young children.

  2. Seth, thanks for your patience. I'm very sad to read of such news. It never occurred to me that people would have thought of such things in that way.

    Sometimes things like this don't surprise me. Other times, the underbelly of society blows my mind with new lows.

    Would you please confirm that you read my reply?

  3. It is quite revolting, isn't it?! Your link wasn't the only way people foudn it. Our original posting had text that people would be able to use if they were looking for such things. When I checked the stats and saw people kept finding our blog using those key words, it disgusted me.
    It is sad, but like you said, not shocking.
    Thank you for taking down your post. Good luck with your ventures!

  4. Yes. Thanks for confirming that this works. Thanks for kind thoughts.

    I must say that in hindsight, it makes so much sense now. At first, I only assumed that it was high school girls interested in a fashion trend for high school boys.