Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sometimes Image Consultants Are Not Experts

Here is an article about hosiery in the work place. Read the remainder of the blog entry for my opinions.

First of all, congratulations on giving hosiery more recognition. We all appreciate it.

That being said, I think that readers were steered wrong, when an image consultant said, a chic-but-conservative gray dress could be spiced up with purple hose. Purple, she notes, is a power color. And in most professions, the ultimate question is how powerful you look. Set a standard for yourself, says Ms. Whittaker, and decide what sort of authority you want to have.. Please do not wear purple as business casual or business formal.

If you want to look powerful, then learn from the people who lust after it, to the point where they will do anything to get it: our elected officials. They wear power suits. Typically a good power suit will be black or dark blue. Women, you can also wear red. There are more, such as medium and dark greys, but black and dark blue are extremely safe.

To see some good examples of great women's suits, look at tomorrow's photo.

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