Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Stylish Fox: 2 Great Hosiery Stories

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For those just joining us, I managed to conduct an interview with the owner of The Stylish Fox, which sells great European hosiery in the US.

Do you have a funny hosiery story?

Hmmm... Last year, we decided to arrange a hosiery party at a local cafe. In our small town, few women are familiar with high-quality hosiery, and we thought it would give them a good opportunity to see what such hosiery looks and feels like. I recited my introductory speech for two days, prepared samples, catalogs, survey, etc. So, I came to the cafe with a big bag full of hosiery and started setting up the table. Before I even finished arranging everything, the women grabbed all the samples, and catalogs, gave me lists of what they wanted from the catalogs, caused a huge mess with samples, and left without giving me a chance to speak.  A funny part of the discussion was whether a certain style of hosiery would be appropriate for a church. This appears to be the only place for “going out” here.

Do you have a sad hosiery story?

Well, this sad story helped me start The Stylish Fox, so maybe it is not that sad. I had my wedding in a month after moving to the US. My wedding dress and shoes were all ready but I never managed to buy a pair of hosiery before I left Russia. I thought it would be easy to find a nice pair of bridal hosiery in the US. A couple of weeks before the wedding, I asked my future husband to take me to a store to buy hosiery. We went to a local department store. I wasn’t able to find anything that suited my standards. None of the hosiery we saw had “deniers” indicated on the package. And it’s always been the first thing for me to look at when choosing hosiery. Confused and disappointed, I tried several more stores with no luck and ended up buying a pair of cheap, one-size pantyhose. Shhh, don’t tell anyone. It is very embarrassing.

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