Monday, March 21, 2011

No More Humour For Now

I have tried to be funny, and a few of you took time to read my stuff, but I am just not feeling very funny. I am going to stop posting humour until further notice. I will try to focus on providing more interesting stuff that I find in the news alerts.

I did not post anything this past weekend, because I was so busy with volunteering with St Patrick's Day. I will blog about that.


  1. Sorry. :(
    How did the volunteering go?

  2. :^) Thanks for your kind thoughts. I think that this is all part of discovering ourselves. I don't feel so bad about it right now.

    The volunteering went fairly well. A lot of people saw me, and I got to tell them about me. I also feel that I learned a bit about dealing with people as a parade attendant.

  3. I truly admire what you are doing. So much better to go out and share what you think than hide it and be afraid of being judged. If you are afraid of that, most likely, you are a judgmental person yourself. That's what I concluded after dealing with some paranoid people.

  4. You don't have to approve my previous comment if you think it may hurt some people. ;)