Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Performed In The Background Of Mission Impossible 4

Tom Cruise is not short. I saw him with my own eyes. He was wearing thin shoes. He was taller than me, and I am 5'6".

I tried to wear the green suit and Wolford waist socks, but the costume department made me wear a different outfit. Even though this blog entry should mainly be about Mission Impossible 4, it will also be about Alvin And The Chipmunks 3. Read the remainder of the blog entry for the details.

My Costume

I have worn shorts and hosiery in -10 C weather before, and the weather last week was mostly above freezing, so I did not think my outfit would be a problem. The costume department said that the weather would be too cold. The thing is that when I wore the shorts and hosiery in cold weather, I also wore a thick jacket, a hat, and other stuff to bundle up really tightly, whereas, this time, I could not do that, because they required us to dress for spring. The cold air did get me down emotionally, over the 3 day shoot, so it was probably a good thing that I wore what they recommended instead.


I did manage to further the cause a bit more, though. Many background performers in this movie also performed with me in the background of Alvin And The Chipmunks 3, and they noticed the green suit and the green opaques. They talked with me about it. 1 person thought it was because the costume people dressed me to be an usher. Another thought that it was just a weird outfit that the costume people gave me. I personally found it so strange. It never even occurred to me that the costume people would give me an outfit like that. Of all the people that I chatted with, not a single person seemed to think that it was my idea to dress that way, except for the costume people, of course. They would be able to recognize that my green outfit is not part of their wardrobe.

As usual, people would ask why I would wear this. Each time they did, it gave me a good opportunity to explain that I like wearing them, that it is an opportunity to put to use my knowledge of trends, and that it would be a better way of changing the world. At least 1 person gave me a thumbs up. I think that it might have been more.

Unfortunate Circumstance

On the way to the first of 3 days of shooting, I thought that I saw a girl looking at me, as I crossed the street, so I tried to watch her out of the corner of my eye. Unfortunately, I did not pay attention to my walking. My foot slipped on the curb, and I scraped my knees, palms, and upper lip. At first, I was disappointed in how dirty I was, but that was the least of my problems. Things got a little bloody. I managed to clean myself up, and only a little blood came out. As the day went on, more plasma did come out, though.

The saddest part of the fall is that my Wolford waist socks now have a tiny hole in each knee. I paid around $100 for them. That would cause way more pain than a fall with bare skin, would you not agree? I decided that they would never look good again, so I decided to save them for wearing only at home, in cold weather.

First Aid Guy

I found it strange that the first aid guy pinched some hosiery near my left knee, and requested permission to tear it. I had to pause before I answered him. I guess that first aid people are used to ruining clothing, instead of just letting their patients take the clothing off.

I said, Would it be alright if I just removed them first?.

He said, I'll need to rip them, otherwise, I won't be able to bandage you up..

I said, Well, why can't I just take them off, when I get changed into costume?.

He said, I really should tear them. Can I?.

I said, I rather not..

He said, Ha ha. Don't worry. I'm just joking. Ha ha.. Well, he might joking, just as a guy wearing a ski mask and holding a gun in a bank might be joking, but I do not know if it is really funny.

Footless Hosiery As A Solution

During the day, I found that the bandages on the knees would come off a little, because of the pants rubbing on them. When I got home, I changed the bandages, and came up with the idea of wearing footless hosiery to protect the bandages. It felt lot better. The scrapes could take time to heal undisturbed by the pants. I really liked the idea. I wore a pair of footless hosiery for the 2 remaining days, and it worked fine. Even when my knees hurt, due to the bending, they still seemed to heal at a good pace.

1 thing that I like about footless hosiery for wounds, is that if you have to change the bandages underneath, you do not have to remove your outer garments and your hosiery. You could just lift things up, assuming that your upper legs are not too wide, of course.

This just goes to show that footless hosiery is not just for health and fashion. It really works well for medical purposes.

Bike-Shorts Length Hosiery As A Solution

When I went to get changed in and out of costume, they actually made me get changed in public. I was in the men's costume room, but women could easily walk in and out for whatever reason. That was a little uncomfortable, and yes, there was a costume lady in there, too. 1 of the costume men seemed to be gay, so that made it even worse. I just do not know what to think. Anyhow, I peeled my Wolford hosiery off of my wounds, in a corner of the room.

While I changed, I realized that this would be a great use for my bike-shorts length hosiery. Although they are still underwear, wearing them on top of my regular underwear is more modest than wearing just my regular underwear. Also, the extra layering means more warmth. I guess that I could wear regular shorts under pants, but this hosiery is less bulky than regular shorts.

Unusual Appreciation

For the remaining days, I wore a very casual outfit to and from the set, but continued to wear the same costume from the first day, while on set. On the second day, I wore shorts, black socks, black footless hosiery, black shoes, and other stuff above the waist. It seemed like a great idea at the time: changing out of shorts is easier than changing out of pants. Nobody seemed to notice or comment. On the third day, I wore a pair of white socks, instead of the black socks, not putting much thought into how I looked. After all, it was supposed to be a quick trip to the set, anyways. People did notice and comment. 1 crew member commented on my personal style, regarding the white socks and black dress shoes. Even after I changed, she asked me to lift my pants up, to show her colleague. They were not laughing at me. They were just being friendly. At the end of the day, another person commented, as well. He felt that I had the legs to pull off the look of black dress shoes, white socks, black hosiery, and grey shorts. I was shocked, but I thanked him. I think that white socks and black dress shoes are not the best idea, but apparently you can sometimes get away with it.

Hosiery Better Than Socks For Legs

I made an interesting discovery. On the last day, when I was wearing my shorts, and the white socks over my footless hosiery, I felt the wind blow past my legs. The lower part of my legs felt the coldest. Socks have thicker insulation, but obviously, socks do not always help. This proves what many of us have said: hosiery is great at keeping our legs warm. The cotton might keep our feet warmer, because they are thicker, and thicker layers lift our feet away from our shoe soles more than thin hosiery, but for air on legs, it seems that thick hosiery is consistently the winner. It makes sense too. Feet get cold from the ground, whereas legs get cold from the air.


So, today, you learned about more advantages, and my experiences. Are you not glad that you kept subscribing to my blog? :^)

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