Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Finally Had 30 Visitors Each Day For Whole Month

From Feb. 4 until Mar. 5, I had over 30 visitors each day for the first time. I consider that a huge milestone, because it is really hard to bring traffic to a blog, as many of you already know.

On MySpace, I was able to get over 200 visits per week, but now it is more like 210. Also, on MySpace, it was hard to know exactly who was visiting. Now I can use data to see if some of the visits are unique.

My next goal is to get over 35 visitors each day, for a month. That will be challenging, I think, because this is such a niche topic. There are not enough people who are interested in this.

The most important goal will be to continually produce some interesting content that we like, instead of catering to the masses.

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