Saturday, March 26, 2011

Make Shorts From Army Surplus Store Pants

Looking for a great place to buy great shorts to wear with your hosiery? Read the remainder of the blog entry for the details for great prices and consistent styling.

I have been thinking about how my shorts would be wearing out eventually, and I know that I do not really have a good wardrobe of dress shorts. On Thursday, I had to go to downtown New Westminster to run an errand. I decided to stop by the army surplus store, to see if I could find something to convert to shorts. It turns out that they had lots of dress pants and casual pants, both in white, blue, green and black. During my shopping, it dawned on me that the military has specific stylings that they abide by, and some of the rules probably have not changed for hundreds of years.

For example, their dress pants are always slim fitting, and are supposed to be as wrinkle resistant as possible. These are ideal aspects for guys who wear shorts and hosiery, because we want to keep our outfits tidy, and not baggy.

Not only do they have consistent styles, they have most average sizes. Do not get me wrong. The sizes are not always in stock, but they deal with such large quantities, that they usually will have enough of every size.

Previously, I would have thought of going to an ordinary thrift store, for basic shorts and pants, but now I can save myself some time by buying from the military surplus stores.

All I have to do is hem the pants up into shorts. For those of you, who do not sew, you can get somebody else to alter them for you, such as a tailor or a dry cleaner.

Instead of thinking about it from just the fashion perspective, we can also think about it from the military's economic perspective. Many us have different views on military actions overseas, but we do want to support our military in general. In other words, we want to ensure that our militaries are well funded for clothing and other supplies that allow them to defend us. By buying used clothing, we ensure that the militaries can sell off surplus goods, so that it can save money. This is another way for us to be solution providers.

We can also think about it from our own economic perspective. These clothes cost us so little money. Even without a sale, it would be a great bargain for dress pants, or wrinkle resistant pants that can be washed at home.

This is truly a symbiotic relationship.

Part of the struggle of establishing hosiery as a mainstream fashion is finding the resources to ensure that the style can last. The army surplus stores are great resources for us.

[Aren't you glad that I wrote this, instead of another Dear H.A. blog entry?? :^D]

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