Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The Stylish Fox: Get To Know Alisa

We have some basic questions and answers, today. I will try to save the best material for later, so that means her answers might seem to be out of order.

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If you could only choose 1 brand and style, to wear for the rest of your life, then what would you choose? Imagine that everything is the same price, and that there is a wide variety of colours in all styles.

This is another tough one! It probably would be SiSi Be Free 40, but unfortunately it is difficult to find here in the US.

What opaque pair would you choose? Same scenario as above.

Trasparenze Cortina 100 Denier tights. The warmth and durability are wonderful.

What sheer pair would you choose? Same scenario as above.

Trasparenze Clara 20 Denier pantyhose. Can’t go wrong with them!

What is your favourite hosiery colour?

I love brown for opaque hosiery and “nude” shades for sheer hosiery.

Do you prefer sheers or opaques?

It depends on the outfit and season. Sheer and fishnet hosiery for spring/summer and opaque hosiery for colder seasons.

Do you prefer matte or shimmery?

I prefer a matte finish.

Do you continue to wear hosiery that has a small snag, ladder or run, or do you stop wearing it at the slightest imperfection?

Oh, I remember times when I had to sew up a run and keep wearing the pantyhose because the finances were so tight. Hosiery was a very important part of women’s wardrobe, especially in fall or winter because wearing pants or jeans was not common. So, imagine how much hosiery you had to buy to stay warm. But I wore damaged hosiery at home only or the run had to be in a spot where no one could see it. I still have my old habits and can’t throw away a pair that has a snag in an invisible spot. But I don’t sew up runs anymore.

Is it ever too cold for you to wear hosiery and a skirt?

Yes, it can get pretty cold where I lived before and live now. The solution is a pair of warm tights and pants/jeans.  I always wear tights under jeans in winter. But if I do have to wear a skirt when it is very cold, I wear two pairs of hosiery.

Compression Hosiery On Hot Days
Do you wear compression hosiery [not support hosiery], to reducing swelling, because of very hot days?
Not usually.

Is it ever too hot for you to wear hosiery and a skirt?

When it is too hot, I sometimes have to wear compression pantyhose to prevent unsightly swelling of my legs.

That is very fascinating. I have never heard of wearing compression pantyhose due to warm weather.

For your own personal fashion, who and/or what do you draw inspiration from?

I love incorporating the Baroque style into modern outfits - think lace and ruffles.  These things never leave me indifferent.

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