Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Stylish Fox: Thoughts About Men In Hosiery

Next week will be the final interview. You will be able to ask questions by posting comments. She will read them and respond.

Read the remainder of the blog entry to see what she thought and thinks about men in hosiery, and her advice to women about it. Be sure to check out the other interview questions, by clicking interviews, which can also be found in the right column, under Popular Topics.

What was it like for you, when you first discovered men wearing hosiery in public with shorts? How did you feel about it?

Like with most women, my first reaction was surprise. After learning of men’s motivations, I thought it was fair. Hosiery is a piece of clothing made for legs – to keep them warm, to cover imperfections, to prevent vascular problems, to look nice! I see no reason why men can’t have all of that.

Does your husband wear hosiery?

No, he doesn't. He is hot all the time from being half Finnish and seems to be most comfortable in cold winters. :) But he has nothing against men who do.

Many women are in relationships with men who wear hosiery. The women don't want to break up the relationships, but they don't want their men to wear hosiery. What advice do you offer to those women? What advice do you offer to those men?

I believe most women fear that their partner will be judged by their friends, neighbours, relatives. That fear is what prevents them from accepting and giving it a deeper thought. My advice to women is to find out what makes their partner wear/like hosiery. After this little research, you will learn that it is for warmth, for comfort, for the feel the hosiery provides. Is there anything wrong with that? There isn’t. Then, you need to realize that nobody cares or should care what your partner is wearing on his legs. If they do, then you judge them. Don’t let close-minded people tell you what to do. If the above doesn’t help, ladies, let me remind you, the jeans you are wearing right now weren’t meant for women. A century ago, women who dared to wear pants were put in a jail and judged badly. Think about it next time you put on a pair of your favorite jeans or when you yell at your partner for wearing tights. :-) AND, your partner can share his hosiery with you!

My advice to men is to be as open as possible about wearing hosiery. If you think it is wrong, then others may think the same. Don’t wear this guilty look; be confident. You may find out that it is all in your mind, and no one actually cares what you are wearing.

Are there certain styles of hosiery that are too feminine for men? Be honest. :^)

Hmm, stockings with lace. :-D

Are there certain colours of hosiery that are too feminine for men? Be honest. :^)

Probably pink color would look a little too feminine, but then pair it with black shoes, black suit and pink shirt, and you may pull it off. :-D

What brands and styles from your store do you recommend for men? Would you provide links to the page(s), please?

Usually, it depends on what men are looking for. If someone wants a basic sheer pantyhose (15-20 Deniers), I always recommend Oleandro by Trasparenze. It is also comes in XL size which sometimes is difficult to find with hosiery. If someone likes light support and higher number of deniers, another good one is Debby by Trasparenze. If they need opaque and warm tights, Raisa by Fiore are a great option - they are very stretchy and durable. I encourage visitors to send me a message via the contact form or Live Support Chat if they need any recommendation.

As you might know, we are interested in purchasing hosiery in bulk. Do you offer discounts on larger purchases?

I’m always open to discussing such transactions and often give discounts to my loyal customers, but nobody contacted me about buying in bulk so far.


  1. This is great, well done. Spread the word:)
    I support men in hosiery:)