Thursday, March 10, 2011

Used Hosiery: Add To First Aid Kit [6 Tips]

As mentioned a previous blog entry, I wore hosiery to cover up bandages. This helped to prevent things from rubbing against the bandage, which helped to prevent the bandage from peeling. Perhaps we should add some pairs to our first aid kits. Read the remainder of the blog entry for 6 tips for adding hosiery to your first aid kit. For more ideas, click used, which can also be found in the right column, under Popular Topics.

Save More Than 1 Pair.

For convenience, it might be wise to have 2 bags of footless hosiery. 1 pair will go from your waist to your ankles, and another pair will go from your waist to your knees. You might want to put a pair of thigh highs in the kit as well. The idea is that you want to remove the hosiery as easily as possible, to replace bandages and to clean wounds. Trying to do this with ordinary full length hosiery would be a huge nuisance.

Prevent Runs From Growing.

In some cases, you could sew a hem on any cuts that you have made. In other cases, you could just apply nail polish or Fray Check.

Use Strong Smooth Pairs.

Most pairs of hosiery tend to feel nice, but unfortunately, they tend to grip cloth. So choose pairs which allow the leg of your shorts or pants to glide over them.

Fold Them Nicely.

After washing, but before drying, unwrinkle them, and then if possible, lay them flat to dry. If your hosiery is folded neatly, then you will not have to waste time, trying to figure out if the leg is straight. From your own experience, you have probably found that a straight leg is more comfortable than a twisted leg.

Seal Them In A Plastic Bag.

This makes them easier to keep clean, in case you get some blood, or other filth, on your supplies.

Keep Them Personal.

This is definitely a welcome addition to your personal first aid kit, but not necessarily a kit to be used by other people. If you want to store the hosiery in a kit that contains supplies to be used by other people, then be sure to label the bag with your name.

Bonus Tip: Do Not Place Runs Over The Bandage.

[To thank you for reading this far, here is a tip for using hosiery for medical purposes. :^)] Hosiery with runs and ladders will do just fine, but just remember that the part of the hosiery that does not have runs will give the bandage the most protection possible.

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