Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Bay's Hosiery Photos Has Photo Edited Colours

I noticed that The Bay's hosiery page has photos of some of the products that I offer. I felt intimidated for a moment, but when I realized that they do not display the package, I felt a bit of relief.

I noticed another thing. Most of those products are supposed to be sheer, and the photos give the impression that they are semi opaque or mostly opaque. This is because they used photo editing to produce pictures of the different colours, instead of taking completely separate photos for each style's colour.

I hope that I never resort to that kind of photo editing. I think that it is okay for certain colours, but it is completely inappropriate for most colours.

To understand the reasoning behind my preferences, think about why we want to look at photos at all. It is because we want an accurate representation of the product that we will order. We do not want to order something that looks completely different, do we?

What do you think? Are you able to shop from stores with inaccurate pictures?

Thank you for reading!

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