Monday, May 14, 2012

No Opaques Or Sheers?!?

According to this article, some companies do not like opaque hosiery on women. I do not agree with them, because opaques have come a long way, but I do understand where they come from. At least the companies encourage sheers. The women, on the other hand, seem to be resisting. They do not like wearing sheers. It kind of bugs me.

I wish that women would be more flexible with what they wear. As it is, they have such freedom of fashion choice, that not wearing opaques or sheers seems to be such a waste.

What do you think? Would you raise a fuss, if your company said to not wear opaques?

Thank you for reading!

1 comment:

  1. That is strange that they do not like opaque hosiery. I might wear them just out of spite and because no one would expect that from me. As far as the sheers go, they do provide such a polished look, why not wear them.