Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wore Hosiery To Volunteer For Research

Yesterday, I had to participate in a research project. They wanted to know about our the health of our hip joints. They told us that we would need to wear shorts, so that they could examine our legs and hips. I wore my usual: grubby grey shorts, and black footless hosiery.

Most of the time was spent filling in survey questions on 1 of their laptop computers. For the most part, this was mundane and uneventful. They needed me for 2 other things: physical examination by a physiotherapist; x-ray of my hip joints.

For my physical examination, I guessed that they did not need to see the skin of my legs, so I did not think that wearing very opaque hosiery would cause problems. It turns out that I was wrong. The therapist asked me to remove my hosiery. I was almost going to take them off right in front of her, but I had a sneaking suspicion that she did not have that in mind. :^D So, I waited until she left the room.

When she examined me, she got me to lie down on a therapy bed [or something like that], and then she manipulated my leg through a series of movements to see how I felt in the hip joints. Everything turned out okay. I was happy with the way that she dealt with me. I find that even when people touch me in a clinical way, it tends to make me feel nice.

After I was done, I put my hosiery on again, and continued on.

During the x-ray portion of my time there, the gal said something about my tights and shorts. I assumed that she wanted me to take off my shorts, and that my hosiery was enough of a covering.

The truth is that I was comfortable taking off my shorts right there, and we were in a hallway! I am not an exhibitionist. I was just tired and a tiny bit nervous. Most importantly, there were no people in the hallway, and I had a pair of bicycle shorts length hosiery over top of my footless hosiery. The bicycle shorts length hosiery was almost all opaque, and the other pair seemed to be completely opaque. I do not normally like to take my clothes off in public. I promise!

Even right now, I am not sure about what she had in mind. She ended up offering me a pair of shorts, though. When she did that, she sounded as if she were backtracking, and embarrassed that she even said anything about me taking off my shorts. The shorts that she gave me reminded me of low quality hospital pajamas. They were not thick, but they were not super thin. I doubt that anybody would try to steal them.

During the x-rays, she had to position my legs. She did not seem to have any problems with holding on to my hosiery clad legs.

I will not flatter myself and pretend that these 2 women wanted to see me without my shorts, but it did seem kind of odd. It was probably all in my imagination. Maybe I just want attention more than I realize! ;^D

On the way home, I stopped at a transit station [Richmond-Brighouse Station], so that I could connect to a bus. I ended up sitting for quite a while, and the gal next to me chatted with me.

Later, she asked me if I just rode my bike. I told her that I did not, and then asked her if she was asking because of my hosiery. When I said that, I lifted a knee and rubbed it to show her what I was talking about. She seemed to stumble over her words, and then explained that it was my clothing style that she was referring to. I honestly think that the hosiery was what caught her attention. Spandex and nylon give people a sporty look, when worn properly. I used the opportunity to tell her about my desire to bring about a fashion trend. Sadly, I do not remember if I told her about men wearing hosiery. :^( She saw what I was wearing, though. :^)

The day seemed successful. At least 3, women, and maybe 2 others, learned that guys wear hosiery. There was nothing impressive, but I hope that they liked what they saw.

Thank you for reading!

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