Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Grubby Grey Shorts Are Dead

The end of an era has come. Let us mourn. The shorts were ugly, but they served me well. About 2 weeks ago, my grubby grey shorts got a huge tear at the back. They were so worn out that they became thin, and then eventually torn.

I will now need to make another pair. I have a pair of grey cargo pants that are too short. I will see if I can convert them. I am just concerned that the bottom of the cargo pockets are too low. I want to wear shorts that are above the knees.

Although I am a bit sad, I think that you should be happy, because now I will be forced to wear better shorts, and be forced to look nicer. You definitely want somebody to look good, when represents you, right? :^)

Thank you for reading!

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