Thursday, May 31, 2012

Men Cannot Wear Hosiery As Pants

We cannot wear leggings as pants, either. Since a few women wore hosiery as pants, I contemplated a little on why men would have a very difficult time getting away with it.

Part of the reason must be the very drastic jump. As it is, we do not typically wear skin tight clothing as outerwear. Do you feel that you could walk around with pro wrestler clothing? Actually, that is a very interesting idea. We would get attention, but people would not necessarily think that we are gay, if we also wear boots and kneepads. I could imagine wearing it as a Halloween costume, but not much more.

Another part of the reason must be the lack of modesty. To suddenly walk around with our genitals protruding would be bad. To take it a step further, an erection would raise more than the fabric. It would raise unwanted attention. Really. People do not want to devote their attention to such things. Women can get away with this, because if they are aroused, then we probably cannot tell.

I cannot think of anymore reasons why men cannot wear hosiery as pants. What about you?

Thank you for reading!


  1. I think men can wear leggings as pants *provided* they wear some kind of top (shirt, jacket, hoodie) that provides enough coverage to avoid modesty issues. I'm referring to the kind of leggings that are thicker than hosiery, and completely opaque. Leggings like that are not much different than the tight skinny jeans and pants that some men wear, taking the skinny jeans trend to an extreme. For example, here's a picture from a San Francisco streetwear blog: The men's pants look very much like leggings, although a little looser.

    1. I don't think that they are the best examples of what heterosexual masculine guys could wear.

    2. Yes, I agree, but I wonder if it may show the direction men's fashion is headed in now that ordinary skinny jeans are very acceptable and fashionable.