Sunday, May 27, 2012

Happy Second Birthday To This Blog!

My blog turns 2 years old today! You can take a look at the first post, if you would like. You might also enjoy comparing this birthday's blog post to last birthday's blog post.

I thought that it would be fun to brag about some of the milestones that I have achieved in the past year.

  • I managed to get my daily visitor count up to over 50/day very consistently. I think that after that first month, it pretty much went up to 100/day for a while, and then came back down to about 50-90/day. I think that most of the visitors came through web searches.
  • Google Analytics recorded 28,230 28,290 visitors, and 83,027 83,209 page views and 54,282 54,427 unique page views.
  • The most visitors that I have ever had in 1 day was 169. The second best day had 132, and the third and fourth best days had 129 each.
  • This past year brought in $118.38 USD in ad revenue, from this blog and my main non-hosiery blog.
  • Hosiery Advocate's Boutique brought in about $1,000 in sales, which is only the first 6 months of operations. I far exceeded my own expectations on that. I suspect that I should be able to repeat it, as long as I have not lost any customers.
  • I spoke to many people about our issue.
  • My immediate family is more supportive.

I do not know where I will be able to take this blog in the upcoming year, especially since there is not much news. I plan to make more announcements regarding my business, as well as practise making ads. I hope to create nice banners. I would also like to get an actual web site started, where I can create list of friends who blog, have a link exchange. I wanted to make a group purchase site, but it would take some money, and I am not convinced that I will have enough customers.

Do you have any suggestions, questions or comments?

Thanks for reading!

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