Friday, May 11, 2012

Created Another Hosiery Advocate Store

I made the site to act as a price list. People can do web searches for any Doris Hosiery Mills hosiery, that independent sellers can sell, and that is not a trendy or seasonal item.

This price list will let them know if it is still available from the manufacturer. Finding out if a style-colour-size combination is still available at retail stores requires another method. Finding trendy and seasonal styles requires another site that I have planned.

The prices on the site are for large orders, and therefore only groups would prefer to purchase directly from there. However, mere mortals, like you and me, can still reference the site for what is available, as mentioned in the first paragraph. That being said, any customer can contact me for smaller purchases, and hopefully, somebody will. We will see.

The site is not ready yet, so I will show it to you later. I do not even have a site logo there.

Thank you for reading!

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