Wednesday, May 16, 2012

I Am Jealous Of Some Other Bloggers

It seems that another blogger got a bundle of Secret brand hosiery products to sample and write about. I wish that I could be that person. Free hosiery!! I could only dream. There are a couple of websites that are offering me a sample, so I would like to get in touch with them this month. We will see.

That being said, I do find it kind of sad that it seems easy for her to get that much support from the business community and the readers. I honestly wonder why that is.

I figure that she is good at making friends. It takes a lot to get people to participate in blogs.

Perhaps her topics are more relevant, so people are willing to participate. When we talk about hosiery, are we really talking about things that really matter to us? I think that deep down inside, we are not really all that concerned about hosiery on men and women. It is probably more along the lines of something that would be nice to have, but not something that we have to have. Even though I never insisted on it being something that we have to have, I might have lost sight of it, and it affected how I wrote about things, and whether or not I wrote about it.

Another thing that she seems to have done is to decorate the blog. There are images all over the place, which make it easier for people to find stuff and easier to enjoy the blog. I think that I need improvement there.

Another thing that I could do is focus more on men's hosiery. When was the last time I did that? I feel kind of guilty about it, but men's hosiery seems more expensive, and in some cases, it seems like a waste of money. Also, I feel that if I wear it, then I will feel kind of gay and effeminate. Just about every men's brand out there portrays hosiery as effeminate. ActivSkin shows a cartoonish guy reclining in a way that seems effeminate to me. With another brand, a guy is just sitting there in his hosiery reading a newspaper. He could be bothered to put a collared shirt on, but not put on a pair of shorts?? Possible. With another brand, a guy is reclining with a beautiful woman, who almost steals our attention with the beautiful hair, the beautiful jewelry. It is almost a guaranteed win. When we look at the guy, he seems to fit the pretty boy stereo type. I wonder if he is gay and effeminate. I should compare the men's underwear photos to the men's hosiery photos, and try figure out how one can be sold in department stores, and not the other. Maybe that is what I should write about.

What other things do you think that she did correctly?

Thank you for reading!


  1. Maybe you need to be more consistent. What is the purpose/goal of Hosiery Advocate blog? My initial impression (years ago) was that your goal was to promote hosiery for men as fashion and to fight stereotypes. But instead, we see posts about women wearing hosiery (which is supposed to be quite normal).
    Bloggers don't start getting free stuff right away. They review the items they buy themselves, or put up pictures of themselves wearing clothes they bought. They gain hundreds or thousands of followers and then may be noticed by stores. Some stores are very picky about bloggers they advertise with, and some stores will send samples anywhere they can (in most cases, this will be a manufacturer with a huge stock to give out).
    Visual attractiveness is a big bonus as well.
    Anyway, if you go over men's hosiery like that, it may reduce your chance of receiving a free sample of such hosiery for review. ;) Or maybe not? I hope someone decides to prove to you that expensive hosiery is worth it. Good luck!

    1. Yeah, I agree with you.

      It's hard for me to decide on what the purpose of this blog is. I had a lot of fun writing about various topics, in the form of news. I like using this blog as a platform to practise making a news blog.

      You are right about your initial impression years ago.

      The thing that kind of changed was the fact that I stayed home for a long time. These days, I tend to go out more, so I have more experiences that I can write about. At that time, I depended heavily on the news on the web or TV. Unfortunately, there is no real news about men in hosiery, on the web or TV, and I did not really have any new experiences in the privacy of my home.

      I think that I might be able to change that, though, by writing about men wearing sportswear.

      Also, another issue is the cost of buying hosiery. There are guys already who review the hosiery that they get. They buy it. They probably got a following already. I wonder if it is worth repeating their work.

      I agree about visual attractiveness. I need to work on that a bit. Somebody made a comment about that on Twitter, but I disagree with him, a little. He says that we need photos of men wearing hosiery to prove that we can wear hosiery, and that he wasn't convinced. The thing is, he already wears hosiery, so he doesn't need to be convinced! Maybe he meant something else.

      Thanks for your support!

  2. thing is most men wear and wear shorts to cover the necessary place below the waist then u get those that go to sites exposing all and most women become offended which gives us men that dress correctly and those that don't give us a bad name then society groups us all together as bad hard to convince society that there are straight males the love to wear correctly

    1. Yeah, those guys don't put any consideration into what is best for the community.