Sunday, May 13, 2012

Men's Hosiery Sales Growing

I am pleased see that more men are interested in wearing men's hosiery. These news video and news photos of ActivSkin hosiery show things in a very positive light.

1 thing that I noticed is that they got a couple of masculine black barbers to try them on. I like that, because nobody will look at them and think that they might be gay. They were not hair dressers. They were barbers. It is guys like this that need to set the trend. In all our discussions of trends, I do not recall a single person mentioning a black guy. The fact that 1 [or both??] wore a ball cap just made things even better.

Another great aspect is that they interviewed a guy with a university degree in something fitness related. He was clean cut. Oddly enough, he was also black. He looked respectable.

Also, very interesting is that they had a fashion expert speak about it. He also was black, and clean cut. Especially noticeable was that he did not come across as gay.

I was so surprised that they told us roughly how much Steve Katz sold per year. I thought that he liked to keep it a complete secret.

To do your part for the trend, please pass that link on to a few of your friends and/or relatives. If you are still waiting to announce that you wear hosiery, then arm yourself with this link, when you explain it to people. Everything looked very respectable. Go for it!

Thank you for reading!

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