Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sharing Hosiery With Family Members?

Have you ever had to share your hosiery with your family members, because you could not afford enough of them? I suppose that it is possible. Do you know of any friends who do or did likewise?

I saw a video the other day, where a woman had to share her hosiery when she was young. That seemed kind of odd to me, but it makes sense. Not everybody has enough money, right? She mentioned that not all of them could go out, because not all of them could be properly dressed.

That makes me sad. I wish that there was a way for us to give them hosiery, or provide it at a discount. Maybe if we could sterilize hosiery, and mend any holes, then we would be able to give away used hosiery. Do you think that it would be good if it were possible?

Thank you for reading!

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