Monday, May 28, 2012

Hosiery As Pants

No, not me. About a week ago, on SkyTrain, a stranger wore fuchsia mostly opaque footless hosiery over fuchsia day sheer footed hosiery. She probably wore a slightly more purple version of this on the inside and a slightly more purple of this footless hosiery on the outside. At first, I thought that she donned a short dress or long shirt. It was hard to tell, because she was sitting down.

Whenever SkyTrain stops, I usually like to look out the door, to watch people walk by. I definitely noticed her leaving the station. More precisely, I noticed her gusset and the reinforced panty. I saw it from the front, too! I could also see light shining through the crotch area of her hosiery.

I thought that she would be the second person that I saw wearing full length hosiery as pants, but apparently she might be the third, and this person might be the second.

Is she fashionable or incomprehensible?

Thank you for reading!

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